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Quaternion to euler converter

Quaternion to Euler . angle conversion, using these methods, requires only. minor logical differences for repeated. Then get the actual angle using this formula. angleX = 0.98*angleX + 0.02*accelAngleX angleY = 0.98*angleY + 0.02*accelAngleY. The variables above must be the same variables used when calculating the gyro angle.

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Then I get gimbal-lock and the plane spins wildly (due to the mouse code). I don't know how I would create a Quat to describe the 2D vector rotation of the plane based on the mouse position (I've tried a straight conversion using Quaternion.Euler(0,0,sangle) and I get the same result).

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playerCamera.LocalOrientation = Quaternion.Euler(rotationX, 0, 0); Actor.Orientation *= Quaternion.Euler(0, Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * lookSpeed, 0); ... That said I had weird effects applying forces that should work but didn't which makes me think there are unit conversion problems in Flax. If that's the case then these should be resolved.

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The 12 special cases apply to Euler angles, not to quaternions. The only ambiguity about quaternions is that there are two conventions in the order of the quaternion elements, scalar first or last.


Procedure to get attitude from known Euler angles: Start with airplane in level flight flying north (i.e. airplane axes coinciding with the inertial frame axes). Rotate airplane by yaw angle ψ around its current z-axis (coincides with zI-axis of the inertial (world) frame). Rotate airplane by pitch angle θ around its new (current) y-axis (is. A quaternion is a four-tuple, [2.4] where i, j, and k are defined 2 so that i 2 = j 2 = k 2 = ijk = − 1. Other important relationships between the components are that ij = k and ji = − k. This implies that quaternion multiplication is generally not commutative. A quaternion can be represented as a quadruple q = ( qx, qy, qz, qw) or as q.

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The inverse of a quaternion refers to the multiplicative inverse (or 1/q) and can be computed by q-1 =q'/(q*q'). If a quaternion q has length 1, we say that q is a unit quaternion.The inverse of a unit quaternion is its conjugate, q-1 =q' We can represent a quaternion in several ways, as a linear combination of 1, i, j, and k, ; as a vector of the four coefficients in this linear combination,.

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